Reviewed- 2017’s Ninja Pseudo Blogging Skills

I’d been yo-yoing with whether blogging is something worth pursuing, s/o to @NyarKabete 🙂 this is an updated version of a post on medium, I’m scrapping it to newsletter my curated reads.

2017 saw trends revolve around the off-shoulder, stripes and reworking the good ol’ jumpsuit in print. This phase is dying out, albeit v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w.l.y.

Black & white was still a hit with orange working the accents angle. But yellow is all the rage now and i’m all for it.

There was also an offhand resurgence of vintage florals that i’m glad is still there channeling modern romanticism or your grandma *it’s a thin line fam.

Tap into your inner flower child


Dress choice is fascinating in that fashion, and by extension style, affords us the freedom to find ourselves.

My fashion-related reads revolved around a revolutionary feminist body-posi intersect in a society that does all the heavy-lifting to shame women for their choice of dress & obvious size (Read about a woman choosing her pearls in the 21st century).

The need for representation, read having more people of color and sizes on the runway and in the day-to-day media is winning eg.Definitely For fattiesuchi_kenya & aunty rih who has been getting her coins and inspiring a momentary surge in favor of lingerie

the jury is still out on this one but all in all, inclusivity is here and i’m all for it.


The other was the silent revolution that is costuming of The Handmaid’s Tale. I couldn’t get past episode 4 or was it 5, lovely cuts as they were. There was a quiet discomfort in how women’s agency is a currency to be stripped away even in the dystopian future much like it was in the not so pleasant past.

The question of agency especially when it comes to women’s bodies has led me down some pretty stark rabbit holes so i’ll just deffer this conversation with Caroline Malatesta’s ‘bait & switch’ maternity care ordeal.

No kidding Janine!


Random update but 2018 might be the year of the loud stripes cc Sautisol.


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